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Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System features the key ingredient glycolic acid to penetrate the cuticle, providing enhanced protection against frizz and increased softness and manageability. This three-part, synergistic smoothing system combines advanced glycolic technology with Keratin Complex’s signature keratin to rejuvenate and defend the hair against breakage resulting from previous chemical relaxing, thermal styling, coloring, decolorizing, and mechanical manipulation.

Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System will reduce frizz and curl, soften the hair’s texture, increase manageability, and softly blend the line of demarcation left by previous chemical straighteners or relaxers. Results will last up to three months, depending on the client’s daily maintenance.

Pre-Treatment Shampoo gently removes buildup and prepares the cuticle for treatment. Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment (AGST) features advanced glycolic technology that penetrates the cuticle to soften curl, reduce frizz, and increase manageability. Silk Seal 3-in-1 Finishing Masque delivers keratin to restore and rejuvenate the hair, leaving each strand silky and smooth.

Salon 121 is proud to offer Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System to our clients. As expert Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Los Altos, CA area. Our decision to offer Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System to our valued customers is part of this commitment.